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Are you looking for a wholesaler in used shoes for export? Footwear for women, men and children, sports shoes, men's and women's sneakers?

Our products are mainly intended for the West African market (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin, Gabon ...).

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We stock an average of 10 tons of shoes ready for shipping. We welcome you only by appointment in our dedicated room of 100 m².
The shoes are packed in 25 kg transparent bags. The woman-man-child summer mix does not contain any winter boots or boots, ideal product for destinations to Africa.

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Benefit year-round from great prices on our quality AB products mainly from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, countries whose collection quality is the best on the European continent.
Please submit your request by e-mail or phone and we will send you our updated price list.

Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ-Wholesale used clothing

“ I wish to order, how to proceed ? ”

Please contact us either by phone at or by email at info@footirex.com. We will give you the prices of our shoes, the terms of order, delivery and payment. Our prices vary according to the desired quantity and exclude shipping costs, we sell maximum up to 1 ton per order. From the elements that you communicate to us; to know the desired quantity, the delivery method and the destination, we establish a proforma invoice.
FAQ-Wholesale used clothes

“ What is the quality of the products ? ”

Our products are grade AB, export quality. All our summer shoes are of good quality. The shoes do not present no major defects (tears, loose soles, holes).
FAQ-used clothes wholesaler

“ What is the minimum purchase quantity ? ”

When you remove the goods on site, Footirex does not impose a minimum purchase. For deliveries to Africa through a freight forwarder, the minumum of purchase is 250 kilos, or 1 pallet.
FAQ-used clothes wholesaler

“ I want to order a container shoes, is it possible ? ”

We do not work on preparation. We only sell the stock we own. That's why we make available a maximum of 1 ton of shoes per order. No delay, the merchandise is available immediately.
FAQ-used clothes shoes

“ I live in Africa precisely in Ivory Coast and I am interested in the used footwear. What is the price and average cost per shipment ? ”

We can organize transportation to all destinations in Africa by sea, from port to port, in a shared container (groupage). Depending on the destination (port) and the quantity ordered (minimum 250 kilos, one pallet), we ask the freight forwarder for a quotation.
FAQ-used clothing footwear

“ I live in Africa, how to pay and be sure to receive the goods ? ”

We have the status of certified exporter, we work seamlessly with our customers. On www.footirex.com (contact page), you have official registration documents for our structure. At a distance, you have the possibility to pay by: Bank Transfer or Western Union / Money Order Cash (Cash) or Paypal (Credit Card).
FAQ-used clothes used shoes

“ I want to come to your house with my van and load bags of shoes, is it possible? ”

Yes. On site (by appointment), we do not impose a minimum purchase. You can load from 25 to 1,000 kg. Payment in cash only.
FAQ-used clothing used shoes

“ I only want men's sneakers, is it possible ? ”

The bags of shoes are packaged in transparent bags of 25 kg, man woman child mixed. It is not possible to dissociate ...
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